Next Life #writing #story #poem on #Passionating

almost a New Life
founded in Words
co-created and shared

You called it gravity, a slow circling, that drew us inexorably closer, and then into orbit. Like comets perfectly aligning, dancing a cosmic dance, traveling together. Not just words. We gave it voice. Tones and textures. Hopes tongue tied and felt in silences heavy. Magnetically drawing energies and expectations. Creating a life of it’s own. Springing hopes we thought eternal…

Fleeting images of your eyes and face come unbidden to my mind.  Images I’d need 10,000 years worth of words to describe.  And I have them you say…

You say we are not for this life. We are Saved for the next life. And the gravity of this is so deep that it becomes a black hole in me. Sucking my very life into it. Painfully stretching my days toward infinity’s edge. Chill dread darkness of miserable missing’s mourning grips me. You promise me these hopes are eternal. Yet inside my heart is keening a black, cold, dirge…  Praying for the next life and clinging to Amazing Grace.