Meaning | #blankverse #poetry #pfma

Each day weaves deeper ties of home
Shared experiences of joy
Your eyes lighting up into smile
My laughter filling the kitchen

We breath dreams together each night
Subtly aware of each other
Held by strange attractors in sleep
Unconscious forces molding us

Choice, we chose this life my darling
Commitments leading to meanings
Meaning leading to commitments
A virtuous circle of both

But you know all of this don’t you?
Those deep, wise eyes of yours take me
Showing me meanings of the heart
You who knows the red leaf’s beauty

Drawing me back into being
The simple joys of deep meanings
Like feeling your kiss on my lips
Your hand holding mine holding yours

You mean the world to me darling
You give this world meaning and depth
I am so so happy with you
And long to be back in your arms