And in my heart I held some sunshine

Subway crows in NYCAs I walked the Gotham streets
looking with eyes from outside
not seduced by tourist beats
or native heart held aside

Amidst the morning’s staggering commute
and establishments for every need
there was a girl sobbing without pursuit
unseen by those with their iTunes feed

New York bench sobbingStill more came into my eyes and heart
dark chill of New York despair
the homeless walking by ignored
practiced glances shifting past

It can be all too much you see
a burden beyond just you and me
some think it best to just ignore
others like me still try to restore

homeless-veteran-new-york-cityYet I had a secret this dark Fall day
some sunshine held deep within my heart
a better way to keep it all at bay
than using iTunes to stand apart…

Put some sunshine into your heart

camp-sunshine-zippy-shell-promotion-facebookWhere do you stand? Do you tune out? Do your eyes slide past? Do you have some way you make a difference? As I walked the New York streets I found myself warmed by a little thing I had just done. A difference made. In my heart I held some sunshine, Camp Sunshine. I had made a modest donation to help a terminally ill child and their family have a week of joy. Yes, it is one small thing. But, for that family they will have precious and endearing memories. One small candle lit against the darkness. Please join me. Support Zippy Shell’s Sunshine Challenge. For every dollar you donate they will match it up to their goal of raising $2000. I just looked and they are over half way there! Let’s put them over the top. Help out and carry some sunshine around in your heart this week.