Poems are for savoring…they need their own space…their own air to breathe.
Quote from Sharon Reed aka @Heart_Path

This blog came about because of several requests in one day for my poetry. I owe the main impetus to someone I have not asked if I can quote yet (she dreams on a distant horizon). However, it is about time I actually created a home for my poetry and captured it somewhere besides the Library of Congress (Twitter).

Poems are powerful, they capture and resonate feelings in ways magical at times.  Yes, if you think my poems are themed or inspired by someone they are…  Many inspirations actually, but they are dedicated to my counterpart.  She knows who she is and no one else needs to.  :) 

Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Interesting philosophy…. I’m glad your friend has helped to out you from your poetical closet…. Yet I hope she will continue to encourage you to stand and take a noticeable bow for your work…. Looking forward to reading some of your work… And would invite you to join several of us other poets at dversepoets.com for our Tuesday Night Open Mike night, where any poem is accepted and shared with us all….

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