The rain on the Train was mainly to freeze the Pain | #poetry #haiku #5lines on #Passionating

The experience of finding your true love, your counter-part, can be exhilarating, exasperating, exhausting, exulting, exciting, and without exaggerating excruciating. Especially when circumstances dictate that you simply have no way of being with each other.

Whilst on a Train I dropped into the Poet’s reverie, ruminating on the nature of Pain.  Still mulling over the Marine Corp Hymn I decided to freeze the pain into snowflakes; fragile, perfectly formed poems.  The thought of turning tears/pain into beautiful snowflakes was compelling and actually did help.  I hope you enjoy the mini-blizzard.

Energies swirl, dance / enjoyment and fear combine / we swim deep waters #haiku

Daybreak, warmth of sun / flowers, bees drawn in worship / your smile, my dawn #haiku

Your inner beauty / calls me, drawing me deeper / forget words, open, “be” #haiku

Little tugs, heart aches / small silken threads softly spun / bridging you and me #haiku

Cannot catch my breath / people STARE, startled, Alarmed / then laugh as I smile #haiku Continue reading