Meaning | #blankverse #poetry #pfma

Each day weaves deeper ties of home
Shared experiences of joy
Your eyes lighting up into smile
My laughter filling the kitchen

We breath dreams together each night
Subtly aware of each other
Held by strange attractors in sleep
Unconscious forces molding us

Choice, we chose this life my darling
Commitments leading to meanings
Meaning leading to commitments
A virtuous circle of both

But you know all of this don’t you?
Those deep, wise eyes of yours take me
Showing me meanings of the heart
You who knows the red leaf’s beauty

Drawing me back into being
The simple joys of deep meanings
Like feeling your kiss on my lips
Your hand holding mine holding yours

You mean the world to me darling
You give this world meaning and depth
I am so so happy with you
And long to be back in your arms

We are blessed | #Blankverse #Poetry on #Passionating

You Facebook chat with your dear old friend
he with the child tragically struck
we both shudder at his routine day
watching his child waiting to die

their very life warped and misshapen-ed
like the disease which torments them all
twisting the boy as one side grows more
leaving his other side so far behind

yet they make beauty and love out of pain
forestalling the darkness with their own light
we are blessed my darling, so very blessed
let us rejoice Love, and send them more light

Heaven in your eyes | #Blankverse #Poem #Poetry #pfma on #Passionating

Is it poetry when I say your name?
Is it heaven when I look in your eyes?
Is it happiness just to be with you?
Is it love we are making every day?

I do live in a world of poetry.
I do look directly into heaven.
I do find myself simply so happy.
I do see us making love every day.

Darling, who can I thank for all of this?
Heaven on earth, in your eyes, and our love.

Water Reflecting | #poem #poetry #BlankVerse on #Passionating #PFMA

water reflecting MilaOur love was made of such moments
my sky drawn deeply to your earth
both of us seeking rich wetness
in nature’s contemplation, found

you reflecting all that is good in me
me, mirroring your beauty my darling
both of us seeing more in reflection
adoration in our recognition

for in these simplest of moments
holding hands and looking deeply
we are content and found
water reflecting love

Walls | #blankverse #poem #poetry on #Passionating outside your walls waiting
Singing love to you from my heart
Passions vibrating every brick
Wondering how it can all hold…

But I love the beautiful walls!
Knowing the garden just inside
and will wait patiently my love
for windows and doors to be built

For the day you let me visit
with deep reverence, utmost care
I will whisper to each flower
chanting sacred mother earth songs

meanwhile, I sit here singing to you,
knowing it’s not your walls, but your heart that’s trembling

Heartstrings | #poem #blankverse on #Passionating

heartstringsOut of nothing, strings together, something…
energy that flows and weaves all these strings
into shapes, into textures, into tastes
threads mixed and mingled with bits of us both

Forged with God’s own energy, we’re sunburnt
basking and baking in spiritual fires
captivated by such sublime forces
blinded at times by the intensity

into new awareness, of you, of me
and these heartstrings which softly tug between

Breathless Depths | #Poem #blankverse #haiku on #Passionating

At times you simply take my breath away. I, so ready to always talk or write. – STOP – Dropping straight into the moment, Being.

Amazing to see you resonating. The very essence of understanding. You mirroring me, me mirroring you. We unfold deeper into mystery. Brilliantly deep like the still Mountain lake. A place for us to sit in reflection. So beautiful to emulate the calm.  Still waters reflecting our inner Peace. Regret-less.

All this presses and impresses on us. We are forming out of this centeredness. Joy in Being.

she words me her soul / reeling from her depth, stunned / pen shaking can’t write #Haiku

The middle of the Carousel | #blankverse #poetry on #Passionating

Our feelings are swirling out of control
making us dizzy and a little sick
emotions of all kinds out for a stroll
like riding a Carousel all too quick

Some plunge us down to the depths of despair
some shoot us up into heaven’s rare air
some let us feel like we live without care
and some are so harsh that even you swear

inside the middle of the Carousel
we sit, watch the show, safe where our heart’s dwell

A secret turning in us makes the universe turn. Head unaware of feet, and feet head. Neither cares. They keep turning. ~Rumi