Marine Corp Hymn | #Sonnet #Poetry on #Passionating

The Fewer

94 pounds of sheer Determination
she’s a Christian Warrior who eats Pain
as falling short is an Abomination
and it’s God’s glory she seeks to Attain
“Pain is weakness leaving the body” her Hymn
Job her mentor and Faith her only Shield
she makes Marine’s look like they act on Whim
Love, Honor, and Courage are her’s to Wield
I witness her as Joy personified
loving her all the more as I Stumble
knowing my love for her is Bonafide
panting with pain that makes me so Humble
I take her hymn as my own in Pleading
Dear God, help me, make this pain Re-ceeding


unseen — #poetry, #sonnet on #Passionating

unseenI do not want to die unseen
untouched by heart and soul through eyes
for life without is naught but mean
a torment of our unheard cries
conditioned by the cultures of mankind
we stumble certain of such fate
I walk most days as if I’m blind
and though I pause to stop and wait
for friend or foe or stranger’s gaze
they pass me by in sidelong glance
as time ticks by to end my days
I beseech you please take the chance
of remaining here in our love’s embrace
where my eyes seen shine and my heart does race