Next Life #writing #story #poem on #Passionating

almost a New Life
founded in Words
co-created and shared

You called it gravity, a slow circling, that drew us inexorably closer, and then into orbit. Like comets perfectly aligning, dancing a cosmic dance, traveling together. Not just words. We gave it voice. Tones and textures. Hopes tongue tied and felt in silences heavy. Magnetically drawing energies and expectations. Creating a life of it’s own. Springing hopes we thought eternal…

Fleeting images of your eyes and face come unbidden to my mind.  Images I’d need 10,000 years worth of words to describe.  And I have them you say…

You say we are not for this life. We are Saved for the next life. And the gravity of this is so deep that it becomes a black hole in me. Sucking my very life into it. Painfully stretching my days toward infinity’s edge. Chill dread darkness of miserable missing’s mourning grips me. You promise me these hopes are eternal. Yet inside my heart is keening a black, cold, dirge…  Praying for the next life and clinging to Amazing Grace.

When will I see you again | #writings #haiku on #Passionating

Our minds reeling to catch up with Heart decisions. Or is it Soul when a decision is not a decision but a “just is“?  You quote me Job and Bathsheba firm in your resolutions.  And I love you all the more for it.  All too aware of Shakespeare’s “The devil can cite scripture for his own purpose” I, the scholar, left defenseless!  But today I’m laughing about it Darling.

The question runs over and over in my mind “When will I see you again”…  This life or in the forever? Continue reading

I just need you now | #poetry #freeverse on #Passionating

notes of piano strumming through my soul
uplifting soaring vibrating my heart
such glorious spiraling sensations
emotions rawly exposed in C sharp

defenseless, riding passion’s every wave
songs of you sweeping me ever higher
exquisite pain in joy so deeply felt
and in that moment, I just need you now

crashed into longing, each note sad tremors
Lady Antebellum stuck in my throat
And I dont know how I can do without…
yet, rather hurt than feel nothing at all Continue reading

Response to Smiling From the Inside Out | @Heart_Path | #leadfromwithin

Sharon Reed @Heart_Path

self conscious

This post is in response to Sharon Reed’s Smiling From the Inside Out found on Heartpath’s Blog.  Sharon is a Twitter Friend whom I’ve run across in Lolly Daskal’s #leadfromwithin Tweetchat.  It is an amazing group full of energy and passion.  We run around before the chat saying hello to friends new and old.  After the chat we linger, profusely thanking each other for insights shared and time well spent.  Here is my thank you list from last week: @giselle2323, @RobinMelina, @ericrovner, @DarrinKrizel, @ajmanik, @Koomba303, @PamFR, @LollyDaskal, @scedmonds, @Simon_GB, @elincomm, @dgeaston, @jenbrentano, @mike_nunes, Continue reading

Orange Crush | A tale of #love

That dread feeling haunts her.  I can see it in my daughter’s eyes.  Quite, shy, reserved always, she did not want to let on.  But it lays increasing heavy between us, somberly weighted, shading summer days into winter grays, unspoken.

I know she loves him, as do I.  He’s had a bad habit of disappearing now and again.  Usually not for long.  He always comes back to her, to her bed, to her love and care.  And she welcomes him back, no questions asked.  None answered.  I understand this too…

She’s of the age where her whole life seems to have revolved around him one way or another.  I know better, but some things cannot be said.  Instead my heart hurts for her.  My lovely green eyed daughter with the smile that lights the world.   She does not respond to my normal ploys, too distracted.  The press of this upon her I need to lift, so I do. Continue reading

Why I write

I write to touch you and be touched

Words can hurt you. Words can heal you. Words have power. I write to touch you, and be touched by you. I write to play. I write to express. I write to last. To try and break times’ bounds by leaving something, anything of me behind, like William does so beautifully here:

Sonnet 74  | William Shakespeare

But be contented: when that fell arrest
Without all bail shall carry me away, Continue reading