#usguys #poem on #leadfromwithin about @LibbyTalks Heart

Libby and her mom

Some people lead with bravado
(such a false sense of confidence)
other’s rally us with their intellect
(and lose us just as fast if they don’t care)
some try to lead us from Authority
(we shirk their yokes at every chance we get)

Then, there are those who lead by example
(just living their lives and true to themselves)
Asked they will tell you they are not leaders
(endearing themselves even more to us)
And then there are those who Lead From Within
(we can tell this from the love in their eyes)

Stop pause and please take heed / I share with you one whom we’ve agreed / if you listen deep you will succeed.

Take a moment and meet her eyes.  She leads with the blood of her heart.  She leads us by grinding it out every day of her life and still giving to us.  She leads us with love and reverent care.  Hush, I have a secret to tell!  We each are stronger for knowing her.  And the secret is, each time we appreciate her, she gets strength.  And that strength allows her to love us more.  And we appreciate her more.  Step into this circle.  Go now, hold my secret, and read her’s: @LibbyTalks has a Secret

12 thoughts on “#usguys #poem on #leadfromwithin about @LibbyTalks Heart

  1. I am rarely at a loss for words. I am so in awe of the bravery and courage and realness of Libby Baker Sweiger that I have simply been unable to express in words how she has affected me. The waves of emotion and deep spiritual thought that Libby has cast upon me, have truly rocked my world. I WILL regain my composure and I WILL be a better man after I do. Thank You Joseph for saying what I could not. Libby, thank you for being YOU. Thank God for giving us Libby Sweiger

  2. @997dave I have been so blessed by getting to know you Dave. I am overcome with emotion and love for all of you wonderful people here on Twitter, #UsGuys and specifically you too, Dave. I know there will be much more sharing going on and thanks for helping to resurface an important blog post that will hopefully touch and help others! I thank GOD for you too! May He bless your day and your life!

  3. @Josepf, in this case @Josepf Poet Thank you so much for your beautiful words. I will carry them with me always in my heart!

  4. All I can say is wow…Brother Josepf is a wordsmith who knows his subjects. I can say from sharing Tweets with and following Libby that she is what she is. As we say in Ireland, “tis Herself”.

    Real, genuine, engaging and there.

    Libby you are worth these and so many other words.


  5. @ty_sullivan You are so right Ty about @Josepf! He is so very gifted and he has a poet’s heart filled with honesty and imagery and love for this world and all that is in it. So does my dear friend Dave @997dave and @Milaspage and @CinziaRolling and @xDeepS and so many of the #UsGuys. Nothing tops today for me though. I am deeply moved and overcome by the outpouring of love and tenderness from you ALL!

  6. @libbytalks@997dave@ty_sullivan Libby! You have my unconditional support. You secret is not safe with me, it is supported. Love, Josepf

  7. Happily leaping into the circle. I’m happy to have known Libby from my earliest days online in Social Media (Twitter) and my first forays into blogging with her loving, generous and effusive support! I suspect I only encounter her when she’s “up” ;) because she always seems to lift me up higher and higher. Thank you, Josepf, for taking the time to express your gratitude for Libby and her true heart so beautifully. xo Gina

  8. @Josepf@997dave@ty_sullivan Thanks Josepf. I appreciate your support so much and want to say the same to you, anytime you need anything, just holler. Love, Libby

  9. @SuuperG@997dave@Josepf@Milaspage Dear dear friend, Gina! I remember our early meeting thanks to angels510 and all the wonderful times we have had on Twitter together. You never were a newbie tho, a pro from the get go! And I love your blog! Hard not to be up with the friends that I have, like you and Dave, Josepf and Mila! Treasures all!

  10. @SuuperG@libbytalks@997dave@Josepf@Milaspageangels510 Thank you Gina for being such a wonderful friend! — Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” — C.S. Lewis — Thank you all! :)

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