Pandora’s Box: her eyes | #haiku #poetry on #Passionating

And in the end Love
There will never be enough…
need time in your eyes

We stare wordlessly
mutually captivated
no reason to talk

Resorting to touch
scent, smell, taste of skin on skin
You blind me lover

Love, there is nowhere I’d rather be than your eyes. Ah, I stand corrected, home in your arms… But it all starts with your eyes. Until you blind me and I see you through touch, little tastes, and the way you smell. Closing my eyes right now, remembering your taste… So need to be back in your eyes lover…

Pandora’s Box: her neck | #haiku #Freeverse on #Passionating

Primal submission 

She bares her neck for my teeth 

Hearts now joined by blood




Love that special spot, where your blood sings, pulling me deeper into desire as I feel yours.  Lost in the rhythm of your heart beat, taking you as you take me deeper.  All thoughts cease as we merge, one again in the primordial soup of sweat, salt, and euphony of blood.

When will I see you again | #writings #haiku on #Passionating

Our minds reeling to catch up with Heart decisions. Or is it Soul when a decision is not a decision but a “just is“?  You quote me Job and Bathsheba firm in your resolutions.  And I love you all the more for it.  All too aware of Shakespeare’s “The devil can cite scripture for his own purpose” I, the scholar, left defenseless!  But today I’m laughing about it Darling.

The question runs over and over in my mind “When will I see you again”…  This life or in the forever? Continue reading

The rain on the Train was mainly to freeze the Pain | #poetry #haiku #5lines on #Passionating

The experience of finding your true love, your counter-part, can be exhilarating, exasperating, exhausting, exulting, exciting, and without exaggerating excruciating. Especially when circumstances dictate that you simply have no way of being with each other.

Whilst on a Train I dropped into the Poet’s reverie, ruminating on the nature of Pain.  Still mulling over the Marine Corp Hymn I decided to freeze the pain into snowflakes; fragile, perfectly formed poems.  The thought of turning tears/pain into beautiful snowflakes was compelling and actually did help.  I hope you enjoy the mini-blizzard.

Energies swirl, dance / enjoyment and fear combine / we swim deep waters #haiku

Daybreak, warmth of sun / flowers, bees drawn in worship / your smile, my dawn #haiku

Your inner beauty / calls me, drawing me deeper / forget words, open, “be” #haiku

Little tugs, heart aches / small silken threads softly spun / bridging you and me #haiku

Cannot catch my breath / people STARE, startled, Alarmed / then laugh as I smile #haiku Continue reading