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Libby and her mom

Some people lead with bravado
(such a false sense of confidence)
other’s rally us with their intellect
(and lose us just as fast if they don’t care)
some try to lead us from Authority
(we shirk their yokes at every chance we get)

Then, there are those who lead by example
(just living their lives and true to themselves)
Asked they will tell you they are not leaders
(endearing themselves even more to us)
And then there are those who Lead From Within
(we can tell this from the love in their eyes)

Stop pause and please take heed / I share with you one whom we’ve agreed / if you listen deep you will succeed.

Take a moment and meet her eyes.  She leads with the blood of her heart.  She leads us by grinding it out every day of her life and still giving to us.  She leads us with love and reverent care.  Hush, I have a secret to tell!  We each are stronger for knowing her.  And the secret is, each time we appreciate her, she gets strength.  And that strength allows her to love us more.  And we appreciate her more.  Step into this circle.  Go now, hold my secret, and read her’s: @LibbyTalks has a Secret

Next Life #writing #story #poem on #Passionating

almost a New Life
founded in Words
co-created and shared

You called it gravity, a slow circling, that drew us inexorably closer, and then into orbit. Like comets perfectly aligning, dancing a cosmic dance, traveling together. Not just words. We gave it voice. Tones and textures. Hopes tongue tied and felt in silences heavy. Magnetically drawing energies and expectations. Creating a life of it’s own. Springing hopes we thought eternal…

Fleeting images of your eyes and face come unbidden to my mind.  Images I’d need 10,000 years worth of words to describe.  And I have them you say…

You say we are not for this life. We are Saved for the next life. And the gravity of this is so deep that it becomes a black hole in me. Sucking my very life into it. Painfully stretching my days toward infinity’s edge. Chill dread darkness of miserable missing’s mourning grips me. You promise me these hopes are eternal. Yet inside my heart is keening a black, cold, dirge…  Praying for the next life and clinging to Amazing Grace.

My first love, Arielle, my Daughter | #birthday #poem #writing

Happy 24th birthday to Arielle, my first love

You were my first Love
and still are Arielle.
Named from Led Zepplin’s “All of my Love

Birthdays are New Years
a time to celebrate
a time to reflect
a time to renew

I miss our times together
driving around randomly
long walks in woods…

Look at the Pictures
of love, of cuddling
of long walks…
of love Arielle…

Miss you sweetheart
Happy Birthday…..


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Path | #freeverse #poetry on #Passionating

She says there is a path
well, actually, she’s not sure
or rather, I should clarify
it’s not the path I crave

this path has no certain end
we trudge until we die
or maybe meet in wood or glen
with joy’s resounding cry

there are miles to go, so I’ll be brave
just fear I’ll not see her until my grave

The middle of the Carousel | #blankverse #poetry on #Passionating

Our feelings are swirling out of control
making us dizzy and a little sick
emotions of all kinds out for a stroll
like riding a Carousel all too quick

Some plunge us down to the depths of despair
some shoot us up into heaven’s rare air
some let us feel like we live without care
and some are so harsh that even you swear

inside the middle of the Carousel
we sit, watch the show, safe where our heart’s dwell

A secret turning in us makes the universe turn. Head unaware of feet, and feet head. Neither cares. They keep turning. ~Rumi

Alchemy | #freeverse on #Passionating

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Meditating on mediating mysteries in a suffusion confusion of colored allusions. A mumbling stumbling jumbling of glyphs in a tumble, scattered and dashed into drifts where I fumble. For fragmented hash of multiple meanings, my senses are screaming, mysteries streaming my eyes into bleeding.

Muttering madness with every attempt my sputtering sadness tearing a rent my soul into heaven with life forces spent. To transmogrify Mercury, whereby Gold, hereby fires and spells of Old, thereby sputum and piece of her hair, standby Blood and all beware.

No misconstruing my life I am brewing alchemy’s elements boiling and stewing. It’s all in a ruin your soul my undoing the rest of my heart to you for the wooing. Lost in a fever or it is a daze, I stop to grieve her and all is a blaze. Efforts redoubled, toiled and troubled, which witch to pitch as more blood I enrich the last of my breath I stitch with a twitch. All spell bound in prayers which swell pound and flare guttering to ground and a keen moaning sound of forswear knells profound.

No recipe found in this ancient tome to take me from here to her who’s my home. The chemicals split and all of them spent my soul bound in place has missed its ascent. Back to the blood and leather must I go more manuscripts await and spells to sew.

You might think I mad or quite the insane but have you missed her so and felt that pain? Life dedicated to finding her now it doesn’t matter if I never find how. The rest of this life is spent til the next I’ll seek her each day and never be vexed.

My love, if you should find this note please accept this simple quote:

I miss you with my whole heart and soul. Seeking each day to love you more. And counting infinitely to the day when I can hold you in my arms again, smell your hair, taste your lips, and be back home.

unmoored | #blankverse #poetry on #Passionating

There are times when I feel so small
powerless against these pain waves
the loss of you shudders through me
unmooring any foundation

foundations I make out of sand
and the bedrock of my sore heart
all dashed by currents far too strong
and a wait for you far too long

waiting for Sea of Galilee
to offer proof of miracles
or simply take me to my home
as it pounds me with such mourning
I find myself, unmoored, slipping to sea